Make movies family-friendly again!

The worlds first family-filter for physical AND backed-up videos.

windows VLClean Player 1.6.5 for Windows (changelog)
free for non-comercial use | requires vlc to be installed

Features that make VLClean awesome!

in addition to the already obvious reasons =)

Skip and Mute
The ability to mute for any duration, skip for any length or jump to any position
Effortless Use
With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, filtering videos is now a breeze
Play Anything
With VLC Player at the core of VLClean,  you can play almost any video file on earth.
Offset Detection
Using advanced math, the filters should be compatible with almost all editions of the original
Edit On-The-Fly
The ability to edit filters without interruption while the video is playing
Simple Filters
It’s super simple to create or edit filters with our text-based “clean” file system
Custom Skins
Use your own skins, because before people will use something, it really has to look good first!
No installer, 100% portable. Just set VLC’s location in the settings if it’s in another directory

Also be sure to check out our filter community!

Save time, download pre-made filters with the


The VLClean Player is just the beginning, be sure to check out the VLClean Community!
It’s where people upload and share their pre-made filters! Join today!